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Wooo.. I’m at #4 from #2 for sulumits retsambew…. Wooo.. Slipped off two positions… Shame shame.. So.. last month of contest and I should not be lazy anymore. It’s been long so I couldn’t get any spicy idea for a sulumits retsambew post, so let’s a start with review of top 10 contest entries for their best and bad points.

Best for –
- Being the most active and regularly updated entry
- The second entry with maximum backlinks for sulumits retsambew (15,700+)
- Maintaining top #1 spot from day 1
- Owned by a serious contender, Hellas (, who is not short of ideas for creating new posts
- Hellas recently managed to make space for his indented rankings too and occupied #2 (It is ignored in contest though)

Bad for –
- The static page may make new readers bit uncomfortable for finding latest posts. They have to scroll down and click recent entries. Recent posts should be above archives, IMHO.
- I believe the owner needs to update the “latest post” feature on homepage manually. We do not find the actual latest post in latest post at home sometimes.

Best for –
-Ranking on #2 with comparatively lesser backlinks (around 5000)
- Strong backlinks from non-english sites and forums

Bad for –
- Quite messed up theme with scattered content. The theme may be seo-friendly but not reader-friendly
- Comments off.
- Exploring females? I don’t find any relevancy of those pics with seo or internet marketing except some fun (motivation)

Best for -
- The only top ranking site in hot news that’s without content, without on-page optimization, without much backlinks
- The guy loves music and twitter (:p) as if only WRITING twitter did most of the job.

Bad for -
- No content
- Secret marketing weapons (it can be in best points too)
- The owner is not available to comment

Best for –
- Content relevancy and useful info
- Easy and SEO-friendly theme
- Site with one of the maximum number of backlinks in contest (16000+)

Bad for –
- Started with a passion but the owner (me) got lazy midway. Lack of regular updates after 2 months
- Lost top positions because of inactivity.

Best for –
- Good job on backlinks and getting most comments at the only sulumits retsambew post
- Ranking at #5 without talking much about sulumits retsambew. Looks like comments are doing all the content job
- Being an old and well-established domain

Bad for -
- Not updated about sulumits after the very first post. He has got good readers and can be even more popular with interesting updates.

Best for –
- Simple wordpress theme
- Healthy and free writing style
- One of the top 5 rankings without much content updates and backlinks revealing Google’s unpredictability

Bad for -
We find nothing bad but owner can update the blog

Best for -
- A beautiful site with a wonderful theme
- Fantastic travel content and information
- Comparatively fewer but strong baclinks for sulumits retsambew

Bad for -
- Slow loading
- The upper half of the site is messed up with internet explorer

Best for -
- A crazy and confident domain name
- Use of The technology looks to be working wonderfully by placing links on real pages. The system looks to have some interesting features. We may explore it soon but no plan of using it on sulumits retsambew for now.
- Regular  updates

Bad for -
Nothing except the contest campaign is solely dependant upon automatic backlinks. It is working great for now but may not achieve stable positions because Google loves backlinks coming from variety of sources and linkbuilding methods.

Best for –
- Beautiful gal’s pictures. Those are Indian actresses
- A pleasant and light theme. The theme is seo friendly and balancing the site well with the load of these images
The guy has got most sulumits retsambew links from movies and celebrities’ sites only.

Bad for –

Except the guy turned sulumits retsambew more of a celebrity niche, there is nothing bad about the entry. He might think of getting backlinks from some different niches and authority sites to rank better. The backlink count is strong currently but may not be strong enough in terms of value that would give top 5 positions.

Best for  -
- A decent site with a soothing color scheme and simple wordpress
- Comments indicates that owner have a good network
The network and may be some self sites gave good backlinks. Most of them are non-English

Bad for -
- By default “about us” page.
- Tags on –top of post. May be, it’s new technique to get the page as well as tags indexed in Google quickly. But I don’t think it’d make a difference if tags are place at the end of post.

This review made me think over the strength of backlinks. I noticed many entries that used only one or two link building methods and doing well in contest. And if they use variety of methods, they’ll surely compete even stronger. Some new contestants entered last month are taking full advantage of these last days over the earlier competitors who either quit or still sleeping. Those old contestants can do better because if they have become 4 months old in “sulumits retsambew” niche.

I include myself in those lazy early birds. But I’m surely trying to stay active now and will keep my heads up till end now. Losing my #2 is enough to wake me up. This is the last month and time to do some serious and safe link building efforts. Like me and Hellas were talking some days ago and he made me laughed off my chair.. Guess what he said – what if he lose his #1 just a day before the contest ends and get that #1 back next day. LOL.. It’d be really terrific, horrible and weird.. It shouldn’t happen.. Fingers crossed. Okay… I’m planning to work on my next DYN series post to promote sulumits retsambew for now so I can post them on time.

See ya all soon

Chill & cheers!

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5 Responses to “Top 10 sulumits retsambew entries reviewed”

  1. Hellas says:

    Well actualy my latest post on frontpage is not really real latest post. It show latest posts only related to Sulumits, since I dont want to brake my frontpage with some of my wordpress tips.

    And that is automatic. It only strips posts from Sulumits Retsambew category on my page.

    Static page is little bit unusual for visitors, but it is something that many corporate web presentations do. It is the main thing if your frontpage needs to show of your company, and not your blog.

    I am hoping I clarified this situation little bit :D .

  2. Hellas says:

    and actualy I have 16,1k backlinks :D

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  5. jajal says:

    nice in-depth review on the top 10, great source of updated SEO. thanks for sharing, keep on the good work.

    hope the best win the contest.

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