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sulumits retsambew dedication – So, guys… Ready for next chapter… Article marketing… The value and impact of article marketing in website promotion sis simply unbeatable. But before we get into the details, let’s be clear about this form of marketing is.

Article marketing is the use of articles to promote your web site. You’ll be writing articles, submitting them to directories online, and using them to push your site further up the search engine result lists.

Why You Should be Using Article Marketing

Article marketing serviceIf you haven’t been doing article marketing before, you’ve made the right choice to start learning more about this valuable marketing approach. Before you start down this path, let’s look at the main benefits you’re going to achieve from article marketing.

1) Increased Exposure

By getting your name out into the Internet world, you can increase your exposure dramatically. You want people to start recognizing who you are, and you want to see your name appearing a lot near the top of search engines. This is a good way to increase your reputation.

2) Improved Credibility

One challenge all marketing has to overcome is the credibility challenge. If the consumers don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. With these articles, you’re working on establishing yourself as trustworthy and reliable. That means consumers are going to be more likely to trust you. And that’s a very good thing for your bottom line.

3) Increased Backlinks

Of course, the biggest benefit for your web site is going the increased number of backlinks it will receive thanks to your articles. Remember that keywords are important but backlinks (also known as inbound links) are critical if you want to score high search engine rankings at Google and other top engines.

4) Reduced Marketing Costs

And one of the best reasons to recommend article marketing, particularly for someone just starting out in Internet marketing is the cost. If you write your own articles, most of your marketing won’t cost you anything at all. Most article submission sites don’t charge a dime for you to submit your content.

That makes article marketing not just one of the most effective Internet marketing approaches but also one of the smartest.

How to Write Effective Articles for Marketing

Now before you can start benefiting from article marketing you’re going to need one thing: articles. Whether are a confident writer or not, there are a few things you need to know in order to get started in the right direction. Here are some strategies for writing good articles for marketing.

Keyword Placement Strategies

The biggest mistake you could make when writing your articles is to load them full with keywords and forget the importance of quality content (we’ll discuss that in a moment). Keywords are important but you need to know how to use them strategically.

If you do a search for keyword density or related phrases, you’ll quickly discover a wide range of ideas on the issue. Here’s the bottom line: density doesn’t matter as much as placement and relevance.

First, the keywords you choose for a page need to be clearly related to the content. Otherwise, your site won’t get a good ranking. Second, you need to place your keyword in specific locations in the body: the first paragraph, the last paragraph, and one per body paragraph. If you’re also using secondary keywords, replace a couple of the primary keywords in the body with them.

Read through the article to make sure the keywords flow with the content. If not, make revisions. Remember you’re writing for the audience, not the search engines.

Importance of Content

As mentioned above, content is very important when it comes to your search engine rankings. Google and other engines want to give users the best results possible so they don’t want 500 words of fluff around 20 uses of a keyword.

The search engines are looking for the same things as your site visitors: quality information, well-researched facts, and useful content. They want to read things they didn’t already know and things that are going to help them in their day to day lives.

If you’re not confident in your ability to write strong content, hire a copywriter or rewrite excellent content you find on the Internet. Just remember, if you choose the latter, the article must be completely rewritten in your own words or you’ll be plagiarizing.

Effective Titles

Think about how you choose what to read on the Internet or in a newspaper or a magazine. You look at the headlines or the titles. If the title is boring, you’re not going to waste your time. On the other hand, if the title catches your eye you’ll be more likely to stick around and check out the rest of the content.

The same thing is true of the articles you use for marketing. You’ve got to come up with some catchy names to grab the eye of potential readers. Here are a few things that work very well:

•    Numbers – The 7 Best Foods to Eat if You Want to Look 18 Again
•    Shocking Statements – Her 69-Year Old Grandmother Was Mistaken for Her Sister: What’s Beauty Secret Made That Possible?
•    How To’s – How to Catch the Man of Your Dreams Without Going to Another Bar
•    Statistics – Each Minute Someone Dies from Lung Cancer, Don’t Let the Next One Be You

All of these headlines – if you saw them atop an article – would make you stop and take a look at the rest of the content. And those are the types of titles you need to be writing.

Tip: Write a few extra titles for each article so you can do testing to see which ones pull in the most readers.

Putting Together Resource Boxes

Although you want the title to hook the readers, you really want their eyes to scan down the page to the resource box. This is where you have your moment to do a marketing spiel of your own. Most submission sites don’t allow any sales or advertising in the article itself but you can promote whatever you want in the resource box.

Incidentally, the resource box is also going to travel along with the rest of the content. The submission sites require the resource box be posted along with the articles on publishers’ sites who them.

The content of the resource box should be succinct but should include your keyword, your link (usually up to two can be included), your name and/or your business name, and a brief sales pitch. Below is an example:

John Doe is the owner of Acme Pharmaceuticals, a leader online provider of weight loss treatments that work safely and quickly. If you want to learn more about how you can drop 25 pounds in two months visit (web site link).

The example is, of course, not real but it gives you a good idea of how all those elements can be effectively combined.

How and Where to Publish the Articles

Once you have your articles written, the next stage of your marketing efforts will involve publishing them online. To do this, you’ll want to locate submission sites that accept such content. Some of these sites are open to general types of content; others cater to certain niches, such as business or technology. Researches before you start submitting so you don’t end up wasting your time.

Here are some suggestions on where and how to get your freshly written articles out to the world.

Top 5 Directories Where you MUST Submit

Before you can begin submitting, you need to where to submit. Below is a list of some of the biggest and most popular submission sites. Although the competition for publishers is more intense at these sites, their credibility with Google can make your backlinks more effective and will help your article show up higher in search engine results.


All five of these submission sites have not only a Pagerank of 5 or 6 which makes them good choices for submission, but also high authority in Google. If you are going to be writing about online business or technology, submit to which also has a Google beloved and PR6 directory.

You can find plenty of other good submission sites online, as well as some good niche submission sites. Just do a few Google searches or I’ve summed up this best and most updated lists of article directories that approve your articles within 3-7 days.

Tips on Article Submission

Now that you know where to submit (or at least have a good starting point), you need to know how to make sure your articles are accepted for submission. Not all of them will be. Each site retains the right to refuse any submission.

To improve your odds of passing muster, you should follow these helpful tips:

  • Read the guidelines. Each site has their own rules about what they will and won’t accept. Make sure you read them carefully. Then follow them to the letter when you create your article.
  • Keep your article around 500 words – any longer will bore readers; any shorter won’t provide enough content to be useful. Be aware of the minimum and maximum word lengths accepted at each site.
  • Avoid advertising in the article. The best way to be rejected is to write an ad about your company or your product. Informative writing is what they want in the body. All of your publicity should stay in the resource box.
  • Make sure your article is 100% unique. Article that fail to pass plagiarism detection software will not be published and repeat offenses can get you banned from the site permanently.
  • Proofread. Most of the sites will reject articles that contain a large number of grammar and punctuation errors. Be sure to edit before you submit. If you don’t trust your eye, ask someone to read through the content for you and make corrections.

If you do get rejected, don’t worry too much. Make some changes and keep trying.

Do-Follow Links & Directories

Among the benefits of using article marketing are the backlinks. But to benefit from this benefit, you need to use a do-follow directory. Do-follow links are ones that are followed by Google spiders. Not all directories will allow you to use these links in your content.

Here are ten of the top do-follow directories:

•    EzineArticles
•    Idea Marketers
•    Article Dashboard Directory
•    Easy Articles
•    SelfGrowth
•    UnArchived Articles
•    ArticlesFactory
•    Article Alley
•    Bloglines
•    Zimbio

Yes to No-follow sites too?

As you can probably guess, no-follow links are ones that are not followed by the search engine spiders. There are some directories for your articles which only accept these types of links. You should still consider using these directories because they can provide a great source of traffic even if you can’t benefit from the backlinks.

Two of the best examples are and Google’s knol (currently in beta).

Other Important Content Promotion Portals to Consider

Besides the article submission sites mentioned above, there are a few others you should consider, too. These are quickly gaining in popularity so getting involved in them now is a good idea.

You write and submit content known as “lenses” to the site under your profile. You can choose your own topics and can provide content without going through an approval process. If your lens is “live,” you can have do-follow links in the content.

HubpagesLike Squidoo, Hubpages allows you to great your own profile and add the content you want. If you have a score of over 75, you can include do-follow links in your content. Another benefit is the option to earn royalties on ads placed on your Hubpages.
Billed as a “human powered search engine,” Mahalo consists of a serious of pages created by users to provide information for people doing searches on the site. You can only submit pages that have not been added yet.

How to Promote Your Site Using the Articles

Once you have the articles published at the sites, your next job is to promote them. The more traffic you can direct to your articles the more traffic you’ll have arriving at your web site. Here are three methods.

Social Networking – Power of social bookmarking

Social networking is the idea of sharing what you like with others on the Internet. You can do this by recommending sites or sharing links via Facebook, MySpace, or similar sites.

Another way to do this is through social bookmarking. You submit sites and links that have caught your eye to sites, such as Mixx, Digg, StumbleUpon, and others. Dozens of these sites exist.

Not only do the links increase traffic to your articles but the backlinks can increase their ranking in search engines.


Another good way to promote your articles is through blogs. Set up a blog off-site and write responses to some of the articles you’ve submitted. Or write about similar topics and add a link to the article with the rest of your content.

You may want to mention articles by other writers, too. You don’t want readers to think you are the same person as the writer – that would ruin your credibility.

You can also use your articles as blog posts. is a great site to use if you’re just getting started with blogging. It doesn’t cost anything to use., which is connected to Google, is another good choice.

Content Exchange

If you know another web site that would cater to a similar audience and that is also in need of high quality content, do a content exchange. Post one of your articles and resource boxes on their site or blog while you post one of their articles and resource boxes on yours. You can mention that you’ve done the exchange and provide links to your article on the other site. This increases your exposure to a new audience and gives both of you valuable backlinks.

Just be careful to choose a site that will attract a similar audience and that isn’t going to ruin your reputation with your own visitors.

Now Get Started

You now know everything you need to begin article marketing. Once you write that first article, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Just remember marketing isn’t something you can do occasionally. To be effective, article marketing needs to become part of your regular routine . . .  And if you don’t have enough time to sort out, let some professional article marketing service provider handle this job for you. But do start today if you haven’t thought yet.

We’ll be meet again with next chapter on Social  Bookmarking.

Till then,

Chill & Cheers.. Enjoy sulumits retsambew contest

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