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Just 2 more tough days and 3 sulumits retsambew masterminds would be declared on August 15. Today, first page results are totally changed. Cheeky winner sulumits retsambew and interesting have lost their top 3 glorious positions.And fortunately, I’m back to #2 and .biz entry followed me at #3. seems to have page 5 penalty (I’ll try to talk about all page level Google penalties soon). has got a hotspot and would be popular for its great entry at the right time. It has got the “beginners love” at the end of the contest.. Good match of timings. seems to use its last good links stored for these 3 days. It’s back to page 1. French Discodog too appears out of blue.

Well, I was totally out of contest in past few weeks and had no time or mood to jump into it in the last 3 days. A little chat with Hellas and frequent push from friends made me use my last trump card. Let’s see how it goes now. The last moment fluctuations are always breathtaking for all contestants when it comes at the mercy of Google. So what’s left? Wait and watch (and do your last underground jobs)

Okay now, let me share a word on latest Google updates with you. Sometime in march Google rolled out its latest algorithm change, dubbed ‘Vince’ after the Googler that implemented it; it has been claimed by SEO’s that this change prioritizes brands in results, however Google’s Matt Cutts says they don’t think about ‘brands’ at Google, but instead concern themselves with what a searcher is trying to find and returning that to them in the results.

Much of what has actually changed is speculation, understandably Google don’t want site owners to be able to manipulate the system they use to return high quality results for the betterment of their own site. So, the big question is this; what has changed, and how can your site change with it?

One change that has been noticed by SEO’s is as mentioned, that Google seems to be returning more brand focused results, Google claim this isn’t so much ‘brand’ focused as it is ‘trust’ focused. This would make sense as smaller brands will have had less time to establish this trust with users compared more established ones, so would appear lower on results pages. Trust however is an ambiguous word and Google have, as yet, not explained how this is quantified.

According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, they don’t want site owners to understand this system; when asked how one should go about appearing more popular on Google he replied

“We don’t actually want you to be successful…the fundamental way to increase your rank is to increase your relevance.”

Schmidt also states “Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” Schmidt uses ‘cesspool’ to refer to the internet, in reference to the amount of false information and low quality sites currently present on the web. This seems to be the opposite of what Cutts says in his video, confused yet?

Cutts does offer some advice however, stating that site owners should “Try to make a great site…become known as an authority in your niche.” In this video he also briefly refers to people talking about you and your site, this gives us a bigger clue as to what you should aim for and less ambiguous than trying to make your site more ‘trusted’ Many SEO’s have theorized that Google would be using social buzz as a factor for ranking pages, if people on the web are speaking about you, they believe Google see this as a strength of brand, making your site more relevant and more likely to be what people are wanting to find.

This would explain why big brands would have received a huge boost to SERP’s with the introduction of the Vince update; bigger brands will, by definition be spoken about much more than smaller ones. Cutts subtly hints at ways sites can increase their Google popularity in relevance to the Vince update (which he stresses is not an update, more a slight change) by saying “it doesn’t have to be a big niche…if your still the expert” possibly this could allude to the fact that competing against huge brands on popular keywords is now futile, and smaller brands should focus on more specific keywords.

I’m done with my ideas and thoughts. Let me know what you think about it? Did you notice any changes too?

And keeping the updates aside for 2 days, I’m more curious for sulumits retsambew results. The game is about to explode.

Chill and cheers!

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2 Responses to “Sulumits Retsambew Bids Bye With A Word on Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes”

  1. arya says:

    Will you do the same thing like hellas?
    Reveal your strategy?
    You did great thing. Back to top.

  2. arya says:

    Still sleeping?
    You are the second…

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