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sulumitsretsambewHi everybody! I’m back with sweet sulumits retsambew. It was a 2 days break (I had to go to my hometown on an urgent call) and no updates on my entry. Well, all I got is my flooded mail box. Not really feeling like making a post here with so many mails pending for reply. But the idea of sandbox and sulumits retsambew seo contest made me to write this.

Well, I was just thinking if the contest entries gonna face the Google’s sandbox effect. As most of us know; most of the new websites would rank sweeter in the beginning (first page) and then dropped to 100 or deeper rankings for 90-120 days in most of the cases.

Now we have certain points -

  • Keyword is new (there was nothing existed like “sulumits retsambew” before in Google)
  • Almost 70% of the entries would be new websites or blogs
  • All are working equally, almost at same time. Nobody is new or old significantly.

So, question is; will these entries face sandbox? My guess.. Yes as well as No.. LOL. That’s not diplomatic at all. Let me try to explain.

Why “Yes”?

Entries may face sandbox effect. Reason is; keyword may be new but 30 % of sites/blogs are not. There are many entries that have joined the contest with old and already reputed sites. Google will give them more weight. At first look, entries with keyword domain may seem to have more weight but sooner or later, they’d have to be dropped back in rankings; may be shorter time. Google may find many entries as spam results. It is quite evident that keyword domains would overpower non-keyword entries. But what matters more is number and quality of backlinks. How frequently the blog/site is updated. How natural and fair the on-page and off-page optimization the entry has.   

Why “No”

Entries may not face any sandbox effect. Because even if some of the sites and blogs may old but they’re competiting to rank for a completely new keyword. So, almost all are taken equally (if Google doesn’t prefer the aged domains). Because the old blogs/sites may have strong foundation online already in terms of backlinks and authority, but now they’d have to build links  for that particular keyword i.e. sulumits retsambew. And that’s what make them rank higher. So, it may be difficult for Google to determine what’s new and what’s old (again if it doesn’t determine the entry with age factor)

Take advantage of sandbox if you fall into it

Well, some of the entries may have a lovely honeymoon with Google on first page and then dropped to somewhere on page 3, 5 or 10. No issues! You can take advantage and keep doing this regularly to ensure your first page or better rankings recovery after 2-3 months (Don’t fret.. Contest is still up for next 4 and half months)

1. Don’t stay idle assuming you’re out. That’s just temporary. Keep adding content to your entry after every 4-5 days if not daily.

2. Try to do some article marketing with 1-2 unique articles every week.

3. Keep submitting to 5-10 quality directoeries daily. TRy to re-write your description little bit.

4. Keep reading others’ blogs and commenting. PLease note, even if you don’t comment with keyword but your name or nick, it’d be counted because your website URL does get attached to a relevant website.

5. Keep building and gathering backlinks from your friends, knowns, or your own websites (as long as they’re on unique IPs) etc.

6. Spread a word about your entry and updates through social bookmarking. Icrease your friend circle at these bookmarking sites. They’d help you spread your entry.. (don’t underestimate that. In a contest each link matters. If evn a single friend helped you get one link, it worths )

7. Try building links with keyword varitaions too; like sulumits retsambew contest, sulumits retsambew seo contest, webmaster stimulus sulumits retsambew. It WORKS. Don’t forget that Google measures value of site, working, links and optimization with more than 200 pointers. You should broaden your ideas.

8. Get one squidoo and hubpages too. Write something interesting and not just fluff.

9. Meanwhile, you can test your skills with yahoo, msn and other search engines.  Let Google take its time to find you and it’ll award you with something encouraging and amazing anytime as a surprise.

10. Be a sport, not a loser. Even if you don’t win, you got to learn lotta stuff around that would help you get many win-win situations in this online business later.

If you’re entering the contest after 1-2 months, prefer not to register a new domain or blog, rather enter with an old one. It’d give weightage and better results.

Well, I’m really feeling sleepy and tired after this long traveling. I want to write little more but may continue with a different concept next time. My next post will have some contest updates too. All I saw is # and #2 stable positions. All others are fluctuating still. Will cover everything new and latest in next post. Keep an eye and thanks for visiting again.

Chill & cheers!

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13 Responses to “sulumits retsambew and Google’s sandbox effect – Yes or No?”

  1. Hellas says:

    Almost 2 years I did not experienced Sandbox effect. I am wondering if it still exists…

  2. Sunita says:

    yes, it still exists. I’ve experienced it often if not on all projects. But that’s enough to prove the existance. Remember, Google launched it to cut down spamming and it still has its working. However, the post is dedicated to normal fluctuations as well.

  3. nux says:

    Lots of good information. Reading posts like this make me realize how much I still have to learn about SEO.

  4. Sunita , according to me the sandbox is actually a trust box Google uses. Google will put the websites that are new under the trust box to ensure that they are legitimate website not indented to spam or attack the people who are searching for information, services or products.

  5. Sunita says:

    Agreed to some extent because what you said, I proposed in other words. Sandbox is not clear yet since it came into existance in 2004 or so (not very sure). You said a trust box, I say to avoid spamming. Every good business site will start with link building (slow or quick) as soon as it is live. Now, as the links upadte, it’d have nice rankings almost instantly. But sooner or later, Google will pull it on deeper pages for few months so that the genuinity of link building is determined. If it is fair, it’ll recover its rankings after few months. And if it’s not, it might be further penalized or banned too. Glad to have your opinion :) Would love to see you coming here often.

  6. [...] sulumits retsambew and Google’s sandbox effect – Yes or No? Hi everybody! I’m back with sweet sulumits retsambew. It was a 2 days break (I had to go to my hometown on an urgent call) and no updates on my entry. Well, all I got is my flooded mail box. Not really feeling like making a post here with so many mails pending for reply. But the idea of sandbox and sulumits retsambew seo contest made me to write this. [...]

  7. Mike Dammann says:

    This will be interesting to watch. I for once love to see how all the entries are taking over Google for the term seo contests.

  8. I was pretty cocky thinking I would just waltz in and win one of the prizes. I went as high as #15 then was de-listed in 5 days (not showing up in first 10 pages of SERP). Now i’m just reading and learning as much as I can about SEO and google.

    Paul R

  9. Sunita says:

    You’re surely doing so well for that term Mike. I’ll get going for this interesting keyword too :) Thanks for your time to read me.
    See ya around

  10. Sunita says:

    There is lot and lot to learn in any seo contest. Getting nice rankings and then suddenly a drop is quite common though. Thanks for reading :)

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  12. Kasigratis says:

    Hmmm… my site is on sandbox now. i really glad to read your article, because I really felt down before with my Bali Car Rental website. But now, I got a new wave to ride. Thanks, i hope variety links will be working.

  13. Sunita says:

    Glad to know that article helped you :) Feel free to ask if you needmy help. I;d be happy to offer my helping hand.


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