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googlesulumitsretsambewManaged to hit #2 for Sulumits Retsambew . So what do I expect now?

10 % chances of grabbing #1 – Why?

Because Google is loving .org and moreover, it has some strong backlinks to hold the #1 position intact. (But if I do, Hellas gonna love it.. LOL :p)

Because I’m not standing on a very strong ground yet, but surely on strong strategies. So better to be patient and see how it goes with webmaster stimulus.. err.. Sulumits Retsambew. I know it’d go well.. But question is, how quickly it works.

30% chances of being dropped to #4 -8

Because many contest entries may have their backlinks updated in next couple of hours and Google will give priority (love) to them for sure.

It may (or may not) hamper my position.

It may because others may come up with stronger backlinks.

It may not, because I’m not sitting idle either. But rankings may shuffle because of increasing contest entries as well as fierce working.

Now, you must be wondering why I’m talking more about backlinks. Rankings would depend upon following  major things:

1. Quality of backlink-

2. Relevancy of backlink

3. Quality and uniqueness of content (little spelling mistakes won’t matter. Google is still using programs and not humen)

4. Emotional pitch of content (Google may not like soomeone getting very emotional with keyword and spam it like hell)

5. Quality and fairness of on-page optimization (Think once and think of the best – Set up the best meta tags, description, title and keywords you can think of. Changing it again and again will not be a good idea, in my opinion. At least not very frequently). Regular check up of robot.txt file, sitemap etc. helps too.

6. Amount & Speed of off-page optimization (How quickly, slowly or steadily you’re building links. It matters A LOT. Slow and steady working may give you slow results but patience pays off. It’d give you better results for sure. However, how much work you’re doing equally matter. I’d prefer using diverse link building methods (I won’t disclose mine :p but trust me, everybody knows ‘em. LOL); be it a contest or any of mine or client’s project. Building minimum 5 and maximum 15 links everyday is safe (as per my experience so far).

7. How frequently you’re updating the page/site/blog – I beleive in blabbering at least few words after every 2-3 days. It has brought some pleasing results to me in most of the cases.

8. How your competitors are doing – A smart SEOer would always keep an eye at her (sorry, I won’t use his :p) competitors.

Afzal Khan is doing great but enjoying fluctuations with his position (#3  to #4).

Slideshare entry replaced Afzal’s one. Hmm.. I might update something on my old old slideshare presentation on an almost perfect article marketing campaign.

Wordpress hosted blogs are coming up (as expected). The blogspot entry seems to be stable since last few hours.

Anyways, there are lot more points that determine ranking. I may come up with more in future here.

So, I stressed upon backlinks of #1 site and other competitors, because I may take time getting stronger backlinks but may lead them in other points I discussed above.

Back to probabilities; 60% chances to be dropped to Page 5

Nothing to fret upon or freaked out. It’s very usual. Looks like Google’s lucky number is 5 or it has some emotional trauma attached to number 5. That’s the reason I’m not very excited with #2. Whenever we start link building for a new site or new campaign, Google will update the backlinks and in 90% chances, we may hit page 1 or 2 almost instantly. But, one should not jump off the cliff on finding himself somewhere at #50 or deeper after few days.

Please note, Google can’t ignore other people and needs to pamper them as well. However, in this contest case, keyword is new and every contestant is working fresh. Still, Google and its mood is unpredictable.

And I have neither time nor mood to predict it NOW when I’ve hell lot of reports to send over the clients :O

Just to close the post for today, I may come up with contest updates and the Sulumits Retsambew entries I liked in next post.

10 Responses to “Sulumits Retsambew #2 – What Do I Expect Now From Google Uncle”

  1. Hellas says:

    Great article. I am begining to like your contest entry more and more. Only if my writing skills are good as your I wouldnt know where my end would be :D

  2. Sunita says:

    Thank you thank you :p

    Forget the writing skills, the crisp tone of your posts is attractive and that’s enough to draw people in (at least you got me hooked up to your blog :p). See you soon.

  3. I like your writing style and I find it very informative. I will be a regular here, looking for your updates.

  4. Sunita says:

    Thank you for appreciation, Cleo and nice to see you here. Surely, I’d love to see you again here. And ya, guess almost everybody is enjoying this contest. So much to see, so much to test, and so much to learn everyday. Keep coming :)

    Good luck to you too

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  7. Seema Adnani says:

    Learning from you :)

    Number 4 today!

    I am waiting for you to be number 1…Keeping fingers crossed

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