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Sunita on May 28th, 2009
Missing those potential sulumits

Missing those potential sulumits

It used to be that there were droves of people all jostling and elbowing each other just for a better spot in the sulumits retsambew competition. Everyone was so eager about going up in rankings and standing a better chance at winning the $1,000 top plum. At least, that was the case until about a month after the contest debuted.  Or, I’d say I noticed some laziness just recently and that made me to write.

Yet if one were to do a quick Google search now, it would seem as if most of the warring factions had gone out to lunch and forgotten to return to the battlefield. There are now just a handful of participants who are as active now as they were 2 months ago (I won’t like to name those strong entries because of certain reasons but I beleive this post can spark their energy). Why does it seem as if so many people had just decided to up and leave the contest?

“Oh No, It’s Too Late!”

The current situation can be seen as a lack of late adopters; that is, no new competitors seem to be interested in entering. And while there’s likely to be a myriad of reasons, one stands out as the most probable: they think it’s already too late to be worth joining.

SEO requires you to do a lot of things. You have to build up links. You have to post content. You have to monitor your rankings. It’s a laundry list of things to do, and you get a definite advantage if you’ve been doing everything for a longer length of time than the next guy. And that’s where it gets intimidating for new competitors: some of the heaviest hitters in the competition have had over a month’s head start that’s hard to catch up with.

I’d like to refer my friend cum competitor Hellas current series of sulumits retsambew posts that gives a great insight on all sulumits entered in the contest. He calls it complete guide on sulumits retsambew series.

No Light at the End of This Sulumits Retsambew Tunnel

Meanwhile, the avid observer would also note that even some of the early adopters seem to be falling by the Sulumits Retsambew wayside. What could be happening to them, this privileged group of people who have the advantage of more time?

In the same vein as the case for the early adopters, this group of people may also have seen just how much work is involved for SEO. But instead of seeing the amount of work that lies behind, they’re making out all the labor that lies ahead. With a contest deadline all the way down the road in August, there’s still quite a long way to go.

From the perspective of the early adopter, that means working and doing all those same SEO tasks they’ve done for another couple of months or so, and that’s costly. Many of these people have full-time jobs or only consider sulumits retsambew as a side project. Seeing it all the way through will take a lot of time and effort on their part. Understood!

Website Sports – Any Chance for sulumits retsambew?

Sulumits Retsambew is like a decathlon for websites: in order to win, one has to have a running start and then keep running/swimming/cycling at that rate all the way to the end. You can’t just pop up out of nowhere, run the last kilometer and then bag the trophy. These kinds of contests are all about consistency and endurance.

And endurance is very costly in the world of SEO. Imagine promoting the same page consistently for several months, all without any concrete promise of returns or benefits. It’s a bet not even a decathlon athlete would take up.

I just wish all strong sulumits get back to their contest entries with the same zeal they entered with.

Chill & Cheers!

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Sunita on May 25th, 2009

I promised to stay absolutely whitehat with sulumits retsambew contest (and with stay whitehat till end of the contest) but I thought of scribbling few words on grayhat SEO today(with ref to some grayhat sources). Grayhat SEO is that middle ground between sneaky old blackhat SEO and the high road of whitehat. Like most other things, though, striking that balance between white and black isn’t always easy. Here are some of the techniques where you can push the limits of ‘good’ SEO to just the brink of being ‘bad’.

Target Relevant Keywords

One cardinal rule of doing grayhat SEO is to always target relevant keywords. Targeting a keyword and then directing visitors to a page that has nothing to do with the keyword is a trademark move of the blackhat optimizer.

If you’re going to work with a particular group of keywords, make sure that the content on your page is directly relevant to those keywords. You can make the search engines ’see’ relevance by keeping a moderate density of keywords – about 1% to 3% (I find that 4 and 5% density spamming) – as well as other related terms. If you’re working with ‘bikes,’ for example, you could put that keyword along with words like ‘bicycles,’ ‘dirt bikes’ and ‘mountain bikes’ in your site content.

Stock Up on Links

Since you’re still constrained in the keywords department, you can just choose to play a little dirtier with links. Some sneaky link building strategies are common, even expected in the world of grayhat SEO, and you can put your pages ahead with that.

If you’ve decided to become a grayhat optimizer, you’re no longer limited to ‘natural’ link building techniques like article marketing. You can add to your link stockpile through other means, such as with forum posts and blog comments, and then surreptitiously adding your URL to the end of the post. This is widely regarded as more of a blackhat move but has never officially been defined as one.

This little trick is particularly useful for cases where link building is one of the few sources of an advantage in rankings. If you’re a participant in an SEO contest like the 2009 sulumits retsambew competition, this is a handy one to have up your sleeve without being a blackhat culprit.

Crib Content

Original content is one of the cornerstones of whitehat SEO, but isn’t an all-important factor anymore if you’ve decided to go grayhat. That’s because Web 2.0 is designed such that a single piece of news often gets repeated and reposted several times across the Internet. If you’d noticed, news aggregators and sites like Digg or Reddit use this model to get high rankings without uniquely new content.

Scrape content from the RSS feeds of news sites and then make it your own! Google has already mentioned before that it exempts news stories from the rule on duplicate content because they get reposted and syndicated so much. Put together some news articles and, voila, you have content.

Although some of these techniques are safe for now, caution and restraint should still be exercised when using them. Too much of grayhat seo tactics could attract the attention of the search engines, putting both your site and grayhat SEO into a lot of hot water. You’ll want to emulate the master rule breaker at school who’s able to toe the boundary of the rules without really stepping over it.

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