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Sunita on June 8th, 2009

Then I’d probably feel more confident and happy about my learning and SEO skills through sulumits retsambew contest. I’m not making frequent posts on sulumits recently so thought of buzzing my week with a sulumits retsambew prize money post. What I’d do with the money if I win. Let’s see-

1st Prize – $1000

Amazing feeling if I win but Hellas is just not giving me any room. LOL.. No issues. I’ve still 2 months to fight with him. (And I’m planning to offer him some beer :D ) Anyway.. Giving up is not in my dictionary, so he has me all the way. Here is what I’d do if I win.

$250 – Mighty Eagle Foundation

$250 – A little snacks party at office

$150 – Donation to a NGO, STEPS, run by young students and fellow in Delhi for street children and orphans

$250 – Pleasing myself with some shopping.. jeans.. tops.. skirts, this, that.. and that too.. :p

$50 – some small games or toys for my kids (my little devil brothers)

$50 – Paypal would probably have its share :( Let it enjoy too :D

2nd Prize – $500

Umm.. It’s okay if I get the #2. I’d still be confident and would be happy for the 1st winner for his excellent skills and job. Nothing is bad as long as you did your best. I’d have a better luck in some other contest and sharpen my skills bit more to be deserving for #1.So here is what I may do with the money

$175 – Mighty Eagle Foundation

$100 – Party at office

$100 – Donation to STEPS

$25 – Would relax for an hour at Cafe Coffee Day with Black Current and Choclate Fantasy with lot of choc sauce

$65 – Some crafts and decorations, flowers for my home

$35 – Let paypal enjoy too

3rd Prize – $250

I’d be satisfied (no other option) but seriously need top strengthen my SEO and marketing skills :( . Would give a closer analysis what the first two winners did, how they were better and probably overcome my SEO flaws. Let’s see what I’d do with $250

$100 – Mighty Eagle Foundation

$50 – Donation to STEPS

$50 – Tea party at office

$25 – Flowers for my room

Now lets’ see which plan I get  going if I win sulumits retsambew contest on Aug 15, 2009

Good luck to me and all new and old sulumits!

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Sunita on June 3rd, 2009

I’m finding something different and interesting for sulumits retsambew leaderboard today. Some new entries have grabbed page 1 that indicates existance and arrival of some serious (and some new) contestants. It’s been long that I’ve not updated my sulumits contest entry. I’d speak about something that I missed or felt lazy to write about. So, let’s start.

Recovering Sulumits Retsambew back to #2

It was a difficult time to get back to page 1 (#1/2) from page 15. Reasons were many. Some of my silly seo mistakes, conflicker worm attack and lack of time. But I didn’t give up, fortunately. After setting a target of 20 days, I was able to achieve #3 on day 16. One of my silly mistakes included contextual link building that should not be used for new blogs (at least the site/blog should be 3-4 months old). I realized it and removed all contextual links. And result was pretty expected. Sharp move from page 15 to 8. Contextual link building is one of the most effective link building strategies that actually works wonders to your search engine rankings. However, to get the best out of contextual links, you should

1. Use when some of link building steps like directory submissions, article marketing etc are already executed.
2. Use when your blog/site is at least 4 months old.
3. Use contextuals combined with article marketing and social bookmarking
4. Use it slow. One post everyday works well.

Next I fixed the page size and made a blog post on page size question. Set the number of posts per page to 2 to make it lighter. I just fixed these issues and started recovering my positions and finally got back to #2 (target was #1 though :p)

PR Update for sulumits retsambew

Sulumits retsambew wasn’t very pleased with recent PR update. With so many (10K+) strong and high PR backlinks, our sulumits retsambew contest entry got only PR1. Strange and weird. Hellas contest entry, I must say, one of the most popular and favorite blog, did’t get any PR. In top 10 results, only social bookmarking site seems to have the highest PR (4). As Google is getting very frequent with PR updates for the last one year, we expect something pleasant for sulumits retsambew contest entries in next update.

Sulumits Retsambew Leaderboard

So, I was talking about some new and interesting results at the beginning of this post.

First two positions are unchanged. Me and Hellas are stable, fortunately. Credit goes to a fair and strong seo planning, regular content update and steady link building. .biz entry is out of page 1 and has replaced #3. I’m smelling this entry’s aim to replace me now :P . It’s an alert to you, Sunita. is on #5. Probably, this is a new entry for me and I see it right on #5 and guess what weird. I see a message “Not Found”. Hmm.. owner must take care of this and maintain/improve his good position now.

Slideshare entry is back to #6. Yesterday, I noticed slideshare entry of Probably, it was a temporary Google love. Next positions are acquired by, reddit entry and wabuf entry respectively.

Interestingly, I see my another sulumits retsambew entry, at #11. So good, so far. let’s see what I get for my personal blog.

Yesterday, I got an interesting plan for 4th month of sulumits retsambew. You’d find it pretty soon on my blog and am sure it’s gonna be really useful for new as well as expert webmasters. Stay tuned.

Chill & cheers with sulumits retsambew.

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