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Well yes.. this sulumits retsambew entry tested this 3 times and it worked. Recently, I tested it when I was at #4 for 7 days. The moment I added a new post (my last sulumits retsambew post), It was at #3 within an hour and it is still there. I had to conclude that most sulumits contestants are working a lot on link building without giving any significant input to their content. They do get good results but not to stress, the entries with regular updates are beating them hard.

Just for an example, I’d take Hellas entry. Googles loves him because he updates his entry on a pretty regular basis (except past few days but Google didn’t hit him because of some emotional attachment by now.. LOL :D ).

Then I would like to pick up that is another regularly updated entry and working real well. It is a new entry but managed to grab page 1. is another new yet seems to be energetic sulumits retsambew contestant that gives regular updates and results are evident. The entry was on $10 some days back but now #12. Now bad at all. They must try one content update and test this fact too.

And one of the regularly sulumits entries is mine only. I was lazy but trying to give some time to sulumits now. After all, it is the last month and I must be bit dedicated to the effort. The content updates benefits were clearly stated at the beginning of this post.

While concluding the post for now, I must say; regular link building and regular site content updates definitely gives you an awesome result. Google loves anything that seems to be active and full of relevant content, and rewards it equally well. Must try. This could be a call to all sulumits contestants who either quit or working only on link building; they must try this content update trick on their entries.. I’d like comments on how it worked for you. (Except .com KD :O  sitting royal at #4 . That would remain a mystrious exception. I won’ even name that so it can have any indrect favor :D ) Okay.. And I’m adivising others without updating my own another sulumits retsambew entry that was almost ignored.. Time to pour some love and update that too.

Bbye for now.

Have a wonderful sulumits  retsambew month ahead

Chill & cheers!

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Sunita on July 9th, 2009

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The results even after hard working!!! Or better say poor results for sulumits retsambew. Yes, that bugs me and what bugs me more is the position of LOL… If it would have been a deserving entry, I had no issues but… That’s woot woot O_o.. Being inactive and lazy for more than a month brought me a bad impression but now this is the last month for sulumits retsambew contest and high time for contest. What’s weird, I see almost no activity, updates on most serious contenders’ entries. Looks like everybody is busy in building links.

Also, I noticed an inverted U graph for the contest. So many SEOers jumped to the contest with a great zeal in first month. After one and  a half month or so, there was almost no buzz and no new entries… Big contestants still stayed away. And then in 3rd month, there was again a rush, a good rush. We though we got a great competition now. But once again, some people quit and some lost hopes of making it to top 10 and not working at all.  Well, it’s true that competition is bit tricky and hectic for sure. Moreover, Google is behaving weird for some entries and favoring some out of blue.

I’ve spotted one of the things that I can work out. And it is correct and my rankings changed in next 5-6 days, then it’d be fantastic. I’ll surely write about in one of the next posts or may dedicate a complete post about it.

Nothing much changed from my last sulumits retsambew rankings update but I noticed the slideshare entry back to top 10. It wasn’t in place when I reviewed top 10 sulumits retsambew entries in my last post.  

One of the new entries,, is doing so well. We spotted the entry at bottom of page 2 and now it is on #10. Weldone! It is very very much possible that they’re getting Google love for beginners but real positions should be out in next 15-20 days. If they stay on page 1, they’re doing well. If they drop, they really need to work hard and I see the spirit from their posts. is back to sulumits retsambew. Though the contestants entered with another site officially ( but looks like his/her kaboon entry is doing better.

That’s all for today’s updates. I need to work out on “something” I spotted today and I just wish I’m correct in that. Also, I hope our regular readers are keeping an eye at Internet marketing DYN series too. I’m going to post the next guide by this weekend.

See you all soon.

Chill & cheers!

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