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Sunita on July 17th, 2009

It surely helped me so much and I loved Gmail’s new tasks feature located at bottom of left sidebar and above chat option. I hope it’d help most business people who are lazy like me and can’t keep track of to-do and due reports. Good good. Though our client base is already happy with our timely deliveries but things are pretty easier at my end now. Good good!

The way some new entries grabbed top 5 spots and some old contestants wake up from long sleep, sulumits retsambew contest has surely become the hottest stuff in July-August. Before we comment something special, let’s have a look at current rankings -


Well, this is what I see from my datacenter. Recently, at Netbuilders, I noticed people showing quite different results in US and UK. But good for us that Will (in Singapore) sees almost same results what we have here.

As most of you already know, the most scary contestantant is a disco dude(dog?) from France. But looks like he is doing everything so quick and dancing at #4 for last 3 days. Though he is dropped to #6 and surely doesn’t have  a very bright future with such ultra-fast link building. But who knows he wins the contest at last moment :O LOL

On the other hand, looks like our gulf coast friend has started giving time to the entry too. All of a sudden we could see the entry at #4. Nice job :)

Our Kaboon friend is excited to be on first page with a new energy and strong will to win at the last moment. Great enthu.  

The controversial .com entry is dropped to #8 and I’ve no regret calling it the most non-deserving entry on Page 1.

There are few changes on Page 2 as well. A nicely updated entry is dropped to bottom of page 2.

And a new Indonesian entry has appeared on #13.

I’ll be quick in writing the last month’s sulumits retsambew HOT updates. Stay tuned!

Chill & Cheers!

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