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Sunita on March 24th, 2009

Well.. I was quiet occupied with other business today and didn’t get time to write or do anything for sulumits retsambew. There weren’t much changes in rankings but Hellas was back to #1. The drop in rankings was enough to give him a shock and make him work on site :p.

There wasn’t much change but just before writing this post, I noticed entry at #4. Well, I already expected this entry to be ranked higher pretty sooner.

New entry is working well. What I think, the guy was inspired by Hellas .org entry. And it almost made me believe in the strength of .org

Another new Indonesian entry is working really well. Credit goes to an old domain with nice number of backlinks. Ardhie Indie Entry has entered contest with full force.

I can see a strong belief in picking up keyword domains when entries like, etc, are into into contest. No matter they had to add any word, they picked up keyword domain. (Uhh.. and me too.. I added No.. :p Though I feel now I could test with something else)

The search results have reached to 20, 000+ but more than 70% of that is fluff (backlinks, social bookmarks blah blah). Real contestants are hardly 100 yet.

I need to work on something important now. Today, it was an idle day and I couldn’t work on blog except this post. So I may have little drop. I’d update the other strong sulumits list though in a while.

Thanks for coming again.

Chill & cheers!

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Sunita on March 23rd, 2009

Boy, you’re in news! Yes, I’m talking about He is in news NOT because he is ranking and climbing up pretty fast beating everybody for sulumits retsambew. But because  he is NOT doing anything or better say, doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I’m sure almost everybody has looked up his backlinks (sighs*** no backlinks found)

To add more, there is hardly any content.

To add more fun fact, there is absolutely NO update after his first post

So, what the fish??

I’m trying to make some wild guesses now that may or may not be right.

—> Blogroll backlink from two Authory sites.  Needless to say, it is A LOT to weigh over others. When I checked the wordpress entry backlinks, I saw these sites and I was so sure about their authority status in Google. And when I checked, YES, I was right. Moreover, when you get a blogroll link, you actually get one link everytime the site/blog is updated after your link add.  Recently, google took as spam too. You may want to check yahoo explorer for this.

You’ll find number of inlinks from same site. It means everytime the blog is updated, the one more link would add to your inbound links. I suggested someone sometime back to remove few of his blogroll links when that guy’s site was penalized by Google. He was getting hell number of links from few blogroll and was baffled what happened. As long as this guy is having just one blogroll, it is giving just good value.. But not good in long run. That’s for sure. If he keeps remiving and adding, it’d make some good difference though. Might be a testing. Here is almost 90% of the reason why he is ranking higher. Because no other entry might have managed to get backlinks from authority sites. 

—> Something fishy related to wordpress I’ve no idea what this guy is doing with this link and if he is anyhow related, that’s enough to give him weight over anybody. So far, I don’t see any stronger backlink than wordpress to anybody’s entry. So reason is crystal clear if it is correct anywhere.

—> Link exchange with a software site and a new web hosting website.. Hmmm. It means, this link exchange gave extra benefit. I’m sure many entries tried getting backlinks from friends and all.. But wondering if it worked so well in this link exchange case. 

—> Another thing that’s supporting the entry is regular mention of this wordpress in almost everybody’s blog update. So, he is getting nice backlinks without asking. Not necessarily anchored with sulumits retsambew, but obviously as a whole URL. As we already know and Will too reminded us of those 200 measures of Google’s ranking criteria, this may be a reason why he is ranking higher everday. We cannot stick to the anchored backlink and I beleive we should deny any probability of the keyword and URL at entirity.

—> Last guess.. Bribed Google? LOL…

Nothing can be done other than guessing. We should do only a hidden analysis on competitors and I’m doing an open one :D It’s not to offend in anyway but he definitely made everybody think. And the job is completely appreciated. I appreciate :)

I may come back soon with some more but relevant guesses.

See ya soon

Chill & cheers!

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