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Sunita on April 15th, 2009

Back to sulumits retsambew, finally.. After facing a difficult time of more than a week, I’m back to the contest with some fresh mind. Not very happy with my dropped positions but its okay. Will sort it out. Conflicker and i-frame worms got a lot out of me apart from bit of business losses too.  Anyway, I’m on #6 now. Can’t write much about the updates because already most of the blogs are covering them nicely.

I noticed few fluctuations in last few days but wasn’t in a situation to concentrate on contest. Great to see slideshare entry on #2 and Hellas holding his position tight. Twitter profile havng fun at #3; out of nothing? Umm.. It is a good food for thought, for all the webmasters. Will discuss later.

My 20 days target -

Well, I’ve just given myself a target of 20 days to get back to my position of #2. Let’s see how it goes from here. Competition if going great now. It’d have been really easy for me if it was any other site but at a contest, everybody is fighting smart and hard. So, setting up a 20 days target to flipping #6 and #2(or1 :p) is not a bad target to set.

Wish me a good luck and I wish all the good luck to my fellow contestants. Many thanks for everybody who wished me a good luck when I was fighting with those issues with my contest entry, business websites and blog networks. Finally done and back to business and contest. You’ll see me around now.

Chill & cheers!

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Hello everybody. Could sense a silence on SEO contest but results are increasing for sulumits retsambew everyday. Some new entries are on board and the eldest batch of contestants is busy in building up backlinks. Well, I beleive that May will come up with interesting happenings and news about contest. Till then, I’d keep writing some SEO tips and tricks and little contest updates here.

While looking at some new entries on deeper pages and one of the visitors’ at a blog, something interesting I found today. Another entry (under assumption that keyword repeat may give some extra boost. Sorry for being sarcastic :| ) But the posts were interesting and sulumits retsambew was used in different senses. Good job! Also, what made me smile is the entry of another female contestant :p (if she wrote her correct gender). One of another funny things that made me giggle was a comment on a IPL related post at the same blog.

Tanya said:
Too bad. me and my hubby were planning to book tickets for IPL final.
Btw where is Sulumits Retsambew ? Never heard of this before

LOL.. I’m sure sulumits retsambew would be in a great disguise after some time. The way our competitior friends are coming up with creative ideas, people actually start thinking what is sulumits retsambew :p.

Anyway, let me come up with some updates now.

PR update

Most of you’ve already read about on others’ entries. Mine is nothing new. Entries that had a good job done, are happy to have zero PR than having “unranked” label.

Top 3 entries coming UP

Top 3 entries going DOWN

Top 5 entries – Almost Stable positions

I mean no offense on any analysis. Take it friendly please. Still, feel free to give your opinions as well and I’d really appreciate that. Anyways, I’ll be working on some renovation of my entry :D . Probably, will beautify it somehow. And gonna make an SEO tricks post on Sunday. Keep visiting and spying me :p

Chill & cheers!

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