Sulumits Retsambew

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I’d try to keep name and prioritize them as per the strength in contest. I’ll come up with little details and who these contestants are.. bit later..I might be wrong but just trying to list them as per strength in contest. Feel free to add your comments or opinions. -

to be continued…

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2 Responses to “Other Strong Sulumits”

  1. [...] to Page One. So if you’re currently languishing at Page 12, don’t worry; some of the strongest sulumits retsambew competitors came from your station. It’s going to be a challenge of turning their pedestal into your [...]

  2. Interested Reader says:

    Interesting list you have. Some how I have a feeling the winners are not yet listed here.

    Contrary to popular SEO belief, in contest you only need about 2 months to catch up with everyone. And not yet ranking high in this contest, but I see them in the forum are the top winners of Busby SEO Test, Busby SEO Challenge, SEO World Championship, SEOContest2008 and more. I expect them to start take action in June.

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