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It’s nothing much about sulumits retsambew today but about something different I noticed. Or better say, I confirmed. I set a Google alert on my copywriting business key phrase “Content Axis”. Wanted to see how much alerts I get. The alert was set up on “as and when happens”. (sadly, I hardly got few :( because I didn’t post anything and people often review our service under handle Coming to the point, I received an alert few days back and to my surprise, the alert was of a press release that I did 1 and half months ago. So, Google recognised it now?

It means, what I assume that Google keeps finding backlinks for long. And that’s the reason why we get sudden improvement in rankings after completing a marketing plan. You can not expect rankings right after executing some link building methods. If you’ve done everything in a right manner; from directory submissions, article marketing to one-way link building from link exchange and 3-ways, it may take 2-4 months to get that pleasant improvement in rankings.

I think most of you know by now about my personal blog as my second sulumits retsambew entry in contest. I start working on this entry in April end. It was on page 7-9 (#80-90) after 3 days. There was no change in position till yesterday. Now my personal blog is on page 3 (#28) all of a sudden. So Google recognized the link building after 15 days. Fair enough.

Now, what I believe that Google recognizes social bookmarking links more than quickly. Second comes some authority and high value article directories like Bukisa, ezinearticles etc. Third comes blogging platforms. However, most blogging platforms get indexed within no time. I’ve seen posts getting indexed within 2 minutes as well (provided ping service is used).

That’s the reason why contextual link building was popular recently. It was in demand because of wordpress, blogspot set up and Google  counted the links pretty quickly that led to ultra-quick improvement in rankings. But it didn’t take Google smell something fishy out of contextual posts later and it started banning blog networks. (That actually led many network owners shut down their service). Contextual link building still works well if used safely and smartly.

Main thing is; Google loves everything natural and slow that meets its webmaster terms of use and guidelines (no matter even if you pretend acting naturally in building links)

So what I conclude; Google is lazy? Probably no.. It’s keeping an eye at almost every site from spam to genuine coming up everyday.. Not just site but all backlinks and whatever goes live (rather Google makes it live if it likes).

Google is slow? Well I think it’s not. It indexes some pages, posts, links with the blink of eyes (Oh.. that blink is just to exaggerate :p). It’s not slow.

Next time, when you’re worried why you didn’t see as many backlinks as you tried to build. No worries!! Google keeps following your backlinks and will count them in  sooner or later (whenever it is in mood) and probably, improvement in rankings is an ongoing process. However, it doesn’t mean that you shpuld do the job once and it’s all over. A regular plan (few quality directory submissions + 2-3 article marketing + do-follow blog comments + social bookmarking + website update) can make your website outrank  even a very very competitive niche that too with a Google authority status.

Before I leave, just a glance at my first sulumits retsambew entry position (I’m dropped to #4 and replaced by Good job, Nux :) I know you :p

I’ll work on some link building for my entry after updating this post. See you soon with some new freaky idea.

Till then, chill & cheers!

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One Response to “Google Is lazy?”

  1. Bill says:

    Yes, I think Google could actually be a bit slower today, perhaps it’s their having to keep up with all the Twitter content being produced. I’m actually amazed that one of the twitter accounts hasn’t made it into the top 10 search results yet.

    But anyway, you’re right, what it takes is still not really tough to do, as long as the site has some authority.

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