Sulumits Retsambew

Almost half of the sulumits retsambew pages are REMOVED! Wow! I never took those indexed pages in my posts but used to get a rough idea either by a Google search or in some of Hellas’s posts. Recently, he spoke about BIG 2 MILLION indexed pages. And today, there are just 686,000 indexed pages. I already got a hint because many of my indexed pages (with links) were removed. And all of a sudden my entry was dropped to #5. But this drop in number of total indexed pages for contest was amazing.

I’m expecting no position change till next Sunday as I have closely noticed so far that Google does weekly updates.

Clear thing is, Google has taken a note of the sulumits retsambew contest seriously and filtered the pages (did it check for relevancy? Quality? Spamming?). Next week updates may surprise the contestants who have got good jumps as Google has rewarded their fresh work. Well.. It is anyway the high time to build ONLY quality links through quality pages and web 2.0 websites.

Did you guys too noticed this? Or got some pages removed?

Cheers for sulumits retsambew in this hot and spicy last month.

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5 Responses to “Google Filtered Indexed Pages For Sulumits Retsambew”

  1. So that’s why there are some interesting changes. Good to know! Congrats on the 5th spot as I’m behind you one at #6th :D

  2. Jajal says:

    cheer up, the game isn’t over yet :)

  3. Nyubi says:

    Hi.. Keep up the good job, go straight on top!

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  5. Our page for the entry which we did not actively seek links for, is currently #36 and has been around that spot for over a month. We haven’t added any new posts for some time as well.

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