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Picture your website sitting on top 3 positions within 5-6 months backed by a powerful marketing plan executed successfully following Google’s webmaster guidelines and enjoying those appealing top positions without any worries of drop in rankings. Liked it? Enjoyed this ranking fantasy? You surely would.  It’s been more than two and half months and we’re sitting on a stable position among top 3 Google results for sulumits retsambew. Though I’m not new to SEO and marketing, but sulumits contest is definitely my first ever contest and it has given me a lot.. Actually a lot (that I’d share in a special post after the contest).

I realized that I was going lazy in last 2 weeks and I had to do something really productive; for me as well as for my readers and for all the webmasters who can share their expertise. And I came up with a plan – The master plan that would start from entering to web world with your blog/website to reaching to dominating your niche with a successful, strong and fair SEO and marketing plan.

It’d be a step-by-step guide with detailed information, lists, tips, and warnings. This kind of series or guide is nothing new but we’d just try to cover almost every detail that a webmaster may need and every question that one may have in mind.

Moreover, It’d be great if my old and new readers, subscribers as well as expert webmasters come and drop their comments, questions so that we could make this master plan even better.

I’d like to cite every possible site and post that has inspired me to create this master plan. I shouldn’t forget citing ShoeMoney’s Xtreme course that has sparked me with this plan idea.

Every marketing and website promotion plan has certain steps to go ahead. It is not just about link building but about brand building and targeted traffic generation as well; using some conventional and some advance methods. This plan would discuss each step in detail with dedicated posts. This is our initial outline of steps discussed though it can change anytime as we move ahead.

DYN1 – On-site Optimization
DYN2 – SEO Copywriting
DYN3 – Directory Submissions
DYN4 – Article Marketing
DYN5 – Social Bookmarking
DYN6 – Blogging Communities (Hubpages, Squidoo etc.)
DYN7 – Do-follow Blog Comments
DYN8 – Forum posting and advertising
DYN9 – One-way Link Building Through Text Links
DYN10 – Contextual Link Building
DYN11 – Guest Blogging
DYN12 – Link Baiting
DYN13 – Yahoo answers, Wikis
DYN14 – Email Marketing
DYN15 – Video Marketing
DYN16 – Landing Pages
DYN17 – Social Media Marketing
DYN18 – PPC (Pay per click)

I’d try to make these posts after every 3 days. Feel free to drop your comments or ideas or even steps that you may want to discuss. You can comment here or mail me at I’d add your suggestions in the posts.

See you all on Sunday with first post DYN1 – On-site Optimization.

You may not want to miss this DYN series. Subscribe here if you’re not subscribed yet. Glad to be in touch with you.


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5 Responses to “Dominate Your Niche Online – The Master Plan Is Out”

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  2. Jajal says:

    Cool, I’ll be waiting for the articles. Good luck to you on winning the contest.

  3. Ist hard to be the next on first page for sulumits retsambew keywords. Your works is good!

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