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Finally, sulumits retsambew got its final destination and crowned 3 top webmasters. Luckily, I’m one of them and grabbed #2. I’m Happy shappy :D but really late in posting my last sulumits retsambew result post too, that’s when business becomes the priority sometimes and we don’t get time.

I must admit that I almost lost the position in last week but a sudden boost from Google and push from my friend circle prompted me to work on it and I was back to #2. Hellas is a deserving champion for this contest and his dedication, quality, excellent SEO strategies did all the job. Sony was enthusiastic all the time and grabbed #3. Congrats to the winners and congrats everybody who managed to reach top 10 results.

I thank  everybody who stayed with me throughout the contest. Boosted my moral support and subscribed the blog. Thank you everybody . The contest revealed perfect SEO tricks and tactics from international known and newbie webmasters.

Before, I write all my strategies of winning this contest, I’d like to tell you the last tactic I applied in last 4 days and got a good jump from #6 to #2. I bought 4 international links (not any authority but yes, from blogs with decent and quality backlinks). 3 of them were from free hosting blogspot blogs and 2 of seo and web hosting sites. All 5 were different niches. Another step I took was 3 contextual posts. And the last step was making some do-follow blog comments on some top ranking SEO and internet markters’ blogs.

These 3 steps and I left all up to Google. It was just a guess work but with a good confidence that it’d and it actually WORKED.

Unfortunately, I had no time to work on my entry after 3rd month but still I tried keeping it up to date with links and posts whenever I got some time.  It was my first ever contest and I was very positive to win. But #2 is something that worth my time and effort.

I’ll sum up my tactics and time devoted to the contest very soon.

As I already made a “If I win” post sometime back, I’ve donated $175 to Mighty eagle Foundation and $100 to one of Delhi based NGO and spending rest of money as planned :)

Will offered me these b’ful badges and I’m eager to show you off.. LOL.. I know.. I know.. You already saw the golden badge at Hellas blog but I’m sulumits retsambew queen too.. Lol.. Thank you everybody, thanks Will, and many thanks to team who worked with me.

I’ll keep this blog up and live with valuable seo posts and tactics as long as I can, however, I’d transfer my DYN internet marketing series to my personal blog I welcome everybody who subscribed this entry.

Cheers to all

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6 Responses to “Being One of Sulumits Retsambew Winners…”

  1. Hellas says:

    Congratulations. You were the opponent I feared the most.
    If this lasted little bit longer I am sure you would hunt me down.

  2. Abi says:

    I personally admire with you for your hard work and tired-less efforts to secure your position on the contest, and congratulation as one of the winners! :D

  3. Sunita says:

    Thanks @ Hellas and Abi.

    It was the expectations from my new and old friends online that prompted me to work on the entry once again. Thanks to all of you.

  4. Arun says:

    Congratulations !

  5. Sunita says:

    Thanks Arun :)

  6. great job you re in the second

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